A homeowner's association is a organizational entity representing the aggregate owners in a "Common Interest Community" (or "CIC") such as a group of townhomes or condominiums. These CICs offer ownership in a parcel of property without some of the burdens that often accompany home ownership, such as snow removal, yard maintenance, and parking maintenance.

Minnesota statutes chapter 515B largely defines the creation and operation of such entities. This chapter is known as the Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act (“MCIOA”). MCIOA, among other statutes, mandates certain requirements and authorizes certain conduct on behalf of the CIC.

The association operates in a manner similar to other business organizations, but with additional requirements. For example, the association has strict disclosure requirements prior to the sale of a unit. Unit owners also have the right to access organizational documents, receive an annual report, and obtain relief through alternative means specified in MCIOA.

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