Tax Benefit

There are multiple tax benefits associated with parenting including the minor child tax dependency exemption (dependency exemption), the child tax credit, head of household status, child and dependent care tax credit, the earned income tax credit, and benefits associated with Health Savings Accounts.

When the parents of a child are together and filing taxes jointly, the parties do not have to think about who is entitled to the tax benefits of claiming the minor child or children. However, when couples divorce, who claims the child or children for tax proposes can become a source of...


Adoptions: Frequently Asked Questions

We frequently receive inquires and questions about adoptions at Wilson Law Group. An adoption is when a person or persons legally create a parent-child relationship when there is no parent-child biological relationship. By law, an adopted child has the same rights to inherit, receive social security benefits, and the same protections as biological children.  Though each family is different, here are some of the common questions we receive about adoptions:

Can my current spouse or partner adopt my child?

This is a typical scenario that we see at Wilson Law Group. Fortunately,...