New Rules, More Planning - the need to act now for H-2Bs in 2016

H-2B Temporary Visas Changes Make Now the Time to Act

Employers can seek to hire foreign nationals from certain countries to perform nonagricultural labor of services in the United States through the H-2B program.  H-2B visas can be issued for both skilled and unskilled labor in the United States, although H-2B visas are more typically issued for the landscaping, construction, and tourism and hospitality industries. 

In April 2015, the Department of Labor (DOL) and Department Homeland Security published new regulations that made many changes to the H-2B program.  These changes make

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    The Investment Subsidiary and the E visa

    It is well known that citizens of certain countries may enter the United States to establish a trade relationship with their home country or to invest in the United States.  Few people, however, know that companies can establish the same relationship as the individual investor.  This novelty in the law allows for some very flexible opportunities and creates the capacity to move personnel quickly from abroad into the United States.

    The E visa has two categories: the E-1 visa for treaty traders and E-2 visa for treaty investors.  Both are temporary, nonimmigrant visas for individual or...


    ¿Hay esperanza en el horizonte para los patrones de H-2B? Congreso está a punto de pasar el alivio de la tapa.

    El más reciente proyecto de ley de presupuesto afortunadamente incluye el alivio de la tapa de visa limitada para la categoría de H-2B.  

    Suponiendo que el presupuesto proyecto de ley pasa esta semana, el Departamento de seguridad nacional podrá aumentar el número de visas H-2B para 129.547.   El Departamento de seguridad nacional tendrá que reunirse con el Secretario del Departamento de trabajo para confirmar que hay una necesidad económica para el incremento en el número de visa.    Dada la demanda para las visas y el claro déficit ya existente, hay una presión...