The Name Game: Establishing and Terminating Parental Rights in Minnesota

Minnesota’s laws on the legitimacy and custody of children address the establishment of a parent and child relationship when the parents are not married.  Although a child may bear his biological father’s last name, this does not mean that the father is legally recognized or has any rights to the child if the child was born outside of marriage.  Similarly, a parent cannot change legal parentage of a child simply by changing the child’s to the mother’s last name or to a stepparent’s last name. 

When a child is born in a hospital to an unmarried mother, she has the option of...


Photo of Minnesota Women Lawyers Leadership Award Ceremony

David Wilson, Wilson Law Group's Managing Attorney, accepted Minnesota Women Lawyers' Leadership Award this past Monday.  Congratulations!


Minnesota Women Lawyers Presents Leadership Award to WLG

Wilson Law Group is thrilled to announce that Minnesota Women Lawyers will be presenting WLG with its 2014 Leadership Award on May 19th.  Minnesota Women Lawyers established its Leadership Award to recognize legal employers throughout the state that strive to enhance the status, influence and effectiveness of women lawyers in their employ.

From the Award Nomination: “Wilson Law Group has been developing innovative ways to promote women in the legal profession and to facilitate a healthy work life balance for all staff members since the firm’s inception [in 2003]…Women are recruited...


WLG Accepts Excellence Award

On May 6, WLG proudly accepted a Small Business Excellence Award presented by the Small Business Administration. WLG was recognized for various reasons including our response to adversity, service to our community, growth, longevity and innovation of products and services. A big thank you to all WLG clients, past and present; without all of you, this award would not have been possible.