You have the right to all your court ordered parenting time with your child. If your parenting time is being denied, you can ask the court to help you exercise your rights by filing a Parenting Time Assistance Motion. If the court finds that your co-parent has wrongfully denied your parenting time, you may be entitled to compensatory parenting time and an award of attorney’s fees and costs. 
The court may appoint a parenting time expeditor to resolve any parenting time disputes you may have with your co-parent. You can also stipulate to using an expeditor if you and your co-parent have future parenting time disputes. Not all cases will require or qualify for the use of a parenting time expeditor. For example, if there has been domestic violence between the parties the court will not require the parties to use an expeditor. Employing a parenting time expeditor can be a practical way to resolve your disputes without much, if any, court involvement.
Modification of a parenting time schedule is possible upon agreement by the parties, or by court order. In order to modify a parenting time agreement you will need to show that a modification is in your child’s best interests. The court may not restrict your parenting time unless your parenting time is likely to endanger the child or if you have consistently failed to follow the parenting time order.