If someone is harassing, stalking or threatening you and you fear their bad behavior will continue, you can apply for a Harassment Restraining Order (“HRO”). HROs are available against nearly anyone: neighbors, acquaintances, family members, and strangers. While the HRO is in force, the person who was bothering you will not be allowed to contact you through any means of communication, mass media, or third-parties. They can also be restrained from coming to your house or place of business. If the person against whom you received the HRO wants to dispute the restraining order, the court will schedule a hearing. You must attend the hearing or the HRO will be dismissed. It is important to arrive at the hearing prepared to present evidence and witness testimony because the court may order an immediate evidentiary hearing.

If you have been falsely accused of abusing or harassing someone and they have obtained an OFP or HRO against you, you have the right to a fervent defense. Wilson Law Group is well-versed in defending clients from unfounded OFPs and HROs. It is important that you understand your rights in this situation and know what your options are to defend yourself.