In 1986, a law passed requiring employers to verify the identity and employment eligibility of its employees and created sanctions for employment-related violations.  It is critical that employers develop short- and long-term solutions relating to hiring practices, verification, and document handling and retention in order to avoid potential penalties.  It is also important to obtain counsel relating to notices of sanctions or penalties received to help protect your current and future business.  The attorneys at Wilson Law Group are experienced in providing counsel in this area, as well as assisting large and small businesses with employer sanction defense.  

If the government or auditors have determined that the employer knowingly hired or continued to employ unauthorized workers, it can impose a fine, order the employer to cease the activity, and/or in some instances impose criminal prosecution.  Since the passage of the law in 1986, civil monetary penalties have been increased.  

Wilson Law Group represents large and small businesses with respect to employment-related practices and sanction defense.  Please contact the experienced attorneys at Wilson Law Group to schedule a consultation for more information about the process and how our office can assist you or your company in this important area.