The Board of Immigration Appeals is often referred to as the "Board" or "BIA."  It is the appellate administrative agency in charge of reviewing appeals of decisions of the immigration court and U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) nationwide.  The Board is part of the US Department of Justice.  It is located in Falls Church, Virginia. 

The appeal process before the Board is generally a "paper" review process.  There are no courtroom proceedings.  

There are various types of appeals, including appeals of decisions of the immigration court, certain decisions of DHS, bond appeals, and visa petition appeals.

If a foreign national wishes to appeal a decision of the immigration court to the Board, it is extremely important that he or she reserves appeal before the court.  By reserving appeal, the foreign national indicates his or her intent to appeal the decision.  Any appeal to the Board must be filed properly and within the appropriate time.

There are specific forms, documents, and fees that must be included in a notice of appeal to the Board.  It is critical that these procedures are followed properly, or else the Board can reject or dismiss the appeal.  

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