The employment-based fourth preference category (EB-4) offers a path to permanent residency in the United States for various different individuals.  Please contact Wilson Law Group to consult regarding whether one of these options may be available to you or your organization.  

The EB-4 category includes petitions for the following individuals: 

• Religious Workers; 
• Special Immigrant Juveniles (SIJS);
• Employees of the U.S. Government;
• Panama Canal Zone Employees; 
• International Medical Graduates (IMG); 
• BBG Broadcasters; 
• Iraqi or Afghan Translators; 
• Iraqis Providing Faithful & Valuable Service to U.S.; 
• Retired G-4 Officers and Spouses & Children.

The more frequently filed petitions under this category are SIJS (Special Immigration Juvenile) and Religious Worker petitions.