Joseph Rojas Jr. is a multilingual Legal Assistant at Wilson Law Group who works on humanitarian immigration matters such as U Visa and asylum applications, as well as family-based petitions, adjustments of status, and DACA. He looks forward to the often difficult but rewarding work that is done at WLG, and to learning from his colleagues and clients as he strives to become a better advocate. Prior to working with Wilson Law Group, he had worked as a Peer Advisor for the Department of Spanish & Portuguese Studies at the University of Minnesota, as a Senior Counselor and Lead Teacher for Concordia Language Villages, and as a Refugee and Immigrant Program Intern with the Advocates for Human Rights. Joseph has studied and lived abroad in Brazil, Venezuela, and France, where he learned about their cultures and histories, as well as witnessed consequential political moments that spurred his interest in transnational solidarity, migration in the context of globalization, and comparative & international law. As a result, Joseph has seen not only the beauty and power of multicultural experience, but the importance of listening to the personal narratives and stories of those you have the chance to meet, and the intensely positive influence of the people he met on communities, in education, and in work environments.

English English, French French, Portuguese, Brazil Portuguese, Brazil and Spanish Spanish
  • University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Bachelor of Arts Degree in Global Studies (Global Cultural Analysis and Latin America), Spanish-Portuguese Studies, and French Studies