Rafael Gallegos Legal Assistant

Rafael Gallegos is a Legal Assistant at Wilson Law Group.  Rafael, or Rafo, enjoys the connection he feels with the people and communities he works for.  Rafo thrives working directly with clients, where he can get to know them and learn their story.  He works on a range of immigration matters, and most enjoys asylum, VAWA, and U Visas.  Like many of WLG’s clients, English is not his native language.  Rafo was born and raised in Lima, Peru and moved to Quito, Ecuador when he was 12, where he lived for about 8 years.  After graduating from high school, he took a gap year in the cold Scandinavian country of Norway.  Rafo was constantly amazed as he learned about Norwegian life and culture, noticing the differences in what he saw in his own community.  This awakened his passion for social equity, civil, and human rights, leading him once again to the cold north to study Political Science at the University of Minnesota.  This was a choice he made following his dreams to make a better world for his community to live in.  He hopes that by working at Wilson Law Group, he is doing his bit.

  • University of Minnesota—Twin Cities, B.A. in Political Science